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From 31st December 2019 the College of Policing will no longer be involved in administering the CKP.
The CKP will continue as a Level 3 qualification with Skills For Justice as the awarding body.

Certificate in Knowledge of Policing. Looking to gain the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing qualification? Then you have come to the right. I am proud to say that our training materials, highly qualified experienced trainers and the continuous support you will receive is second to none.

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This course is ideal for those wishing to join the police who do not need the CKP but wish to develop their policing knowledge prior to joining. See below link


Contrary to rumours the CKP is NOT being discontinued. from 31st December 2019 the College of Policing are no longer be involved in the delivery of the CKP. The awarding body for the CKP is Skills for Justice (SFJ). The CKP is a level 3 Qualification and will continue to be available with SFJ as the awarding body.


As it stands the minimum requirement for joining the Police Nationally is a Level 3 qualification, the CKP meets that requirement. All forces then can have additional requirements of their own in addition to a Level 3 Qualification, this varies from force to force and you would need to check with the force you are joining to ascertain what their exact requirements are.

Additionally applicants are required to pass a National assessment centre.

We also have an on line course in how to pass the police assessment

It is a separate site to the CKP site, the link below will take you to the assessment training site


Access to Course Materials for Non CKP students

Access all the CKP training materials. Click the link below to find out more.

Access Course Materials – Course

Multi Media Access
You can access your course online at any time, anywhere and on any device. Our course is built on a mobile responsive platform and uses the latest course technology make accessing and completing your course a breeze.
12 Months Access
12 months registration to the Academy Recruit Training Learning Platform including, trainer support and access to all our learning materials.
Online Support
Allocated ‘personal tutor’  from the outset, to guide and support you through your own learning plan, at your pace. Online tutor support to meet your individual needs. – Taking the ‘distance’ out of ‘distance learning’.
Quality trainers
Your tutor is a qualified Police Trainer and assessor, trained to National Standards. He /she is a recently retired Police Officer, more specifically having been involved in the training of the IPLDP for Student Police Officers both in the classroom and operational situations


A close friend completed the course through yourselves and recommended you. Good site layout/professional look,Slideshows are awesome!
Luke Wnekowski
CKP Student
Excellent course, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Paul is a fantastic teacher and adds a great deal of intangible value to doing a CKP.
Ben Deacon
Thank you for providing the certificate so quickly. The course was excellent, very enjoyable!
Justin Donaldson
I would like to say that I enjoyed doing in the course, and the fact that I could work at my own pace. When I submitted assignments, they were marked and sent back promptly by Dave with useful notes attached. The fact that I was able to do the final exam by skype was also a great help and Dave was very flexible with this. If I had used other provider’s I would have need to travel to the London area to do the final exam which is a long way from Devon! I would definitely recommend you to any friends who are thinking of joining the police and require a CKP.
Joshua Speak
CKP Student
cannot fault the course. incredibly simple to use, simple to understand, simple to navigate yet get in all detail needed the ability to learn at my own pace, online. cannot recommend highly enough!! thank you!!
jonathan Carter
Thank you for your excellent support throughout the course. Very pleased with my result and I will let you know how I get on in the future. I found the revision session scenario really useful
Matthew Ralph
The course was very well laid out.The power points made it easier to understand topics and were laid out very well. The tests were useful at identifying weak knowledge areas and the fact the exam could be done online was extremely convenient in the fact I could do it at any time and the results were instant
Callum Sharp
CKP Student
This is by far the most user friendly and well contructed e-learning platform I've taken part in.
John Teasdale
CKP Student
Excellent Training Appealing - narrated slideshows helped the information sink in, instead of just reading
Elizabeth Sandercoombe
CKP Student
Thank you for the certificate! I am starting now on the 27th Feb! I found the course was really well run and structured! Thanks for all the support.
Joshua Sedgwick
CKP Student
The course was excellent E-Learning course was beneficial for somebody who works full time and does not learn the best in a classroom environment. Ideal for workers or anybody who lives an extremely busy life. Tutors are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and have a lot of experience within policing.
Nathan Smith
CKP Student
I completed the online course with academy recruit training and found the course easy to follow and had everything I needed to successfully achieve my CKP. As a result I start as a police officer with South Wales Police on the 13th of August. Thanks again.
Ben Simmonds
Course was highly recommended the trainers and John were excellent I did the assessment centre training which was instrumental in me passing SEARCH and I did the CKP which was excellent . I have now been offered a job in the Met Police , best money I have ever spent.
Tom Griffiths
Student / Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing
I have got to say the course was brilliant and I felt I have learnt a lot, Dave Bolton was brilliant also, I’ll phone him later today to thank him personally!
Tom Thornton
Excellent course Fantastic overall service and product
Dan Fawcett
ckp student
Training was excellent.I found the website encouraging when I read about what to expect from the course in terms of service. I was also attracted to the promise of having a course tutor every step of the way. As soon as I made an enquiry I received a really prompt response which made me feel confident I was making a good choice.
CKP Student
I would never have passed my assessment centre without Johns course the training was excellent
K Galvin
PC West Yorkshire Police / Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing
I had complete control over how quickly or slowly I wanted to study. I had a personal tutor Paul who was brilliant - Fantastic!
CKP Student
Lou was an exceptional tutor. He was calm and understood each student needs a difference approach and pace to the work. He was always available to email or Skype, and I learnt a lot through his guidance - particularly on the assignments for the course. I would recommend Academy Recruit Training CKP E Learning to all."
Peter Taylor
The E Learning was excellent, it was smooth and easy to use with good access to my tutor Lou when I had any questions or needed any advice. it has allowed me to study at my own pace and in my own time whilst still being able to achieve my goal of completing the CKP.
Alex Flood
I’d like to thank you again and praise you for your site and the performance with the new servers, very quick indeed. Please can you praise Dave Bolton for an excellent job as tutor and mentor.
Philip Pantini
CKP Student
The greatest thing I have ever achieved (apart from the kids!!) loved every single second of the course and made some amazing friends. Little hiccup along the way to getting in.... But this makes it feel worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who helped me complete it. Wish I could do it all again exactly the same as last time.
CKP Student
I recommend the course because of ,the ability to do the exam via Skype. The fact that I had complete control over how quickly or slowly I wanted to study. Having a personal tutor was brilliant - Paul (who was my tutor) was fantastic!
Hannah Randall
Excellent course, Quality content, experienced tutors, Consistent communication and support
Stevie Everall
ckp student
Having completed the course, the experience and knowledge of my learning coach Lou was excellent and the way he gave feedback was specific and motivational
Ian McCulloch
Thank you so much for all your help with the CKP course. Paul was great, I really couldn't have done it without him, he's a very good tutor and I will be recommending you to everyone!
Leanne Oxley
Easy layout, lots of help and support if needed. Powerpoint presentations are very informative and easy to follow. A stress free way to undertake this course whilst in full time employment.
Carlotte Watkins
Just wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know my thoughts on the course. It's been a brilliant course a throughly enjoyable all the way through. I also want to say that Anthony Louch the trainer was brilliant, very natural with the students and full of knowledge. He made all of us feel at home on the course and he has been so helpful in all he does, couldn't do enough for us all. Anthony is definitely an asset to your business. We all commented saying how much we will miss the weekends and Anthony. Thanks for all your help too.
CKP student
Academy recruit training online e learnibg experience was one of a kind. I managed to finish my course in 5 weeks at it all day every day. It just goes to show that with dedication you would be able to succeed. The trainers were awsome always kept in touch with you via email organising your next skype conversation. All in all i feel like i was sat literally with my trainer david bolton despite the face that he was counties appart!
Hadi Yousef
Excellent Training.The e-learning course has been more practicable for me as the nearest course (Newport) was almost a 3 hour drive away from my home. The online course has been very easy to follow
Georgia Davis
CKP Student
I passed my day one exams!! Thank you so much for your support and for preparing me so well!! Couldn't thank you enough!!!
Chloe Seal
CKP/RAC Training
The trainers were excellent and you were always able to get support via email or by phone
Sabah Ahmed
PCSO / Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing
The course was great, well laid out and I had plenty of time to complete it. The tutors were very helpful and feedback was great.
James Weber
The course was an amazing insight to the requirements of the police. I personally appreciate whole heartedly, the above and beyond attitude of yourself and your team. The stories and accounts of past events has meant I can take away from your course, something more valuable than just the CKP qualification. I have a Degree and Masters in Engineering/Advance IT and I can honestly tell you this has turned out to be my most important qualification to date, and my most proudest
Paul Ingleton
My tutor, gave encouragement and was a great confidence boost! Academy Recruit Training has been virtually seamless and I've honestly enjoyed the course. This course has really got my mind working in a direction I love; learning about police work and the practical application has actually been fun.
Candice gill
CKP Student
Excellent course. The information i needed was always available and easily accessible. Having a tutor who is readily available to help was great. - I cannot identify anything that can be improved
Keiran Nunn
CKP Student
I am a Special Constable and after taking the CKP course I feel better equipped and more confident in what I am doing, the trainers were excellent.
Phil Daly
Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing

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Certificate in Knowledge of Policing

The CKP is a Level 3 qualification. The minimum national entry requirement for a police Officer is a Level 3 Qualification , the CKP meets that requirement.

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